Team Leader Revealed, Interaction and More

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We know that every Pokemon Go players will have to pick a team and support that team but most of us thought that the team was so that we can fight for Gym locations but it looks like there is more to it. For instance, Team Instinct is all about trusting their gut feeling when it comes to battling and picking Pokemon. Basically, at Level 5 you have to choose which team you will belong to, Valor, Mystic or Instinct.

The Team Valor’s leader is Candela, who’s wearing a P-Coat; Team Mystic’s leader is Blanche, and he’s wearing layers of clothing, incluing a light blue trenchcoat.

Well, the official team leaders have been revealed (they were silhouettes before) and the hate for Instinct is still going strong.

In addition to naming the three in-game team leaders, the rumored way to confirm an Eevee evolution by naming the little critter after one of the Eevee brothers from the Pokemon cartoon was confirmed. No matter what teams trainers might have picked in the beginning, the core gameplay will not change.

What team are you representing?

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