Pokemon Let's Go Shiny Charm: How to get the Shiny Charm and catch Shiny Pokemon?

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Shiny Pokemon are incredibly rare and elusive variants of the well known and beloved roster of 151 Pokemon in Kanto. Shinies feature alternate coloured markings and sparky auras around them, making them incredibly possessions coveted by all Pokemon trainers. Up until the release of Pokemon Let’s Go on the Nintendo Switch, catching shinies was an exercise in patience. The odds of spawning these monsters in the wild are stacked against the player and the random nature of Pokemon encounters makes the laborious task even harder.

Pokemon Let’s Go, however, has revamped the shiny catching mechanic by mix the Shiny Charm with brand new catch combos.

Catch combos racked up by catching the same creature over and over again, up to a combo of 31, increase the odds of nearby shinies spawning.

And trainers who manage to get their hands on the Shiny Charm have the odds slashed even further.

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Read one below to find out how you can aid your shiny hunting efforts with the Shiny Charm.


How to get the Shiny Charm in Pokemon Let’s Go

The Shiny Charm is a secret item gifted to each Pokemon trainer who successfully completes the original Kanto region Pokedex.

There are a total of 153 Pokemon that can be recorded in this Pokemon Yellow remake but only the original 150 count towards a completed Pokedex.

This means if you have caught every creature form Bulbasaur to Mewtwo – excluding Mew, Meltan and Melmetal – you can claim your Shiny Charm.

After you have presented your full Pokedex to Professor Oak in Palette town, head on over to Celadon City.

Once you arrive, you will need to find the Game Freak offices – a tribute to the game’s hardworking developers.

The offices are found on the third floor of the building neighbouring the Celadon Department Store to the right.

Inside you will have to talk to the Game Director who will congratulate you on completing the Pokedex.

The Game Director will present you with a personalised diploma and the Shiny Charm.

It might be worth taking a screenshot of the diploma before you leave but you can always return to have another look at it whenever you want.

And that is it – the Shiny Charm is now yours and you can head out to catch shiny Pokemon.



How to catch shiny Pokemon with the Shiny Charm

The Shiny Charm slashed the odds of shinies spawning in the wild, making it easier for them to appear around you

Here are the odds for shiny hunting without the without the item, with lures and lures paired with the Shiny Charm.

A catch combo of zero to 10 produces spawn odds of one in 4,096.

A catch combo of 11 to 20 produces spawn odds of one in 1,024.

A catch combo of 21 to 30 produces spawn odds of one in 512.

A catch combo of 31+ produces spawn odds of 314.3.

If you pair a catch combo of 31+ with a lure and the Shiny Charm, the odds increase to just one in 273.

Just remember, the odds do not get any better after you catch the same Pokemon 31 times in a row.

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